Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unheated, Pink Spinel with White Sapphire Accents



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Beautiful pink spinelPink pink spinelSpinel pink spinelmeasure pink spinel7x5mm=.77ct.Unheated pink spineland pink spineluntreated pink spinelthis pink spinelspinel pink spinelhas pink spinela pink spinellot pink spinelof pink spinelsparkle.Each pink spinelwhite pink spinelsapphire pink spinelis pink spinel3mm.Set pink spinelin pink spinela pink spineldinner pink spinelring pink spinelstyle pink spinelsetting.Sterling pink spinelsilver.Ring pink spinelsize pink spinel5This pink spinelring pink spinelcan pink spinelbe pink spinelresized pink spinelfor pink spinela pink spinelvery pink spinelsmall pink spinelfee.Layaway pink spinelavailable.

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