Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

turquoise, Colorful Arrows- Earrings by niceLena- Pick your color



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***Due orangeto orangeCovid-19 orangeStay orangeIn orangePlace orangein orangeour orangecity, orangeall orangeorders orangewill orangebe orangeshipped orangeout orangeafter orangeApril orange8th. orange orangeThank orangeyou orangeand orangestay orangehealthy! orangexoAdorable, orangesummery orangeearrings orangefor orangeyou orangeby orangeme, orangeniceLena. orange\rBeaded, orangeon orangebrass orangechains orangeand orangegold orangeplated orangeear orangewire.\rhangs orange2.5"\r\r**Please orangeinclude orangeyour orangecolor orangeat orangecheckout orange\r**comes orangein: orangeyellow, orangeorange, orangeturquoise, orangegreen

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