Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Dolphin with Enclosed Pearl



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This 8mm pearlpendant 8mm pearlbail 8mm pearlis 8mm pearlalso 8mm pearla 8mm pearlmeans 8mm pearlto 8mm pearlopen 8mm pearlthis 8mm pearlpendant 8mm pearland 8mm pearlchange 8mm pearlthe 8mm pearlcolor 8mm pearlof 8mm pearlpearlIt 8mm pearlis 8mm pearla 8mm pearlpearl 8mm pearlsurrounded 8mm pearlby 8mm pearldolphins. 8mm pearlMade 8mm pearlof 8mm pearlsterling 8mm pearlsilver. 8mm pearlChain 8mm pearlis 8mm pearlincluded.

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