Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

13 inch, Aqua & Clear Triple-Strand 13 Inch Choker



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This bead necklacepretty bead necklace13 bead necklaceinch bead necklacechoker bead necklacefeatures bead necklacea bead necklacetriple-strand bead necklacedesign, bead necklacewhere bead necklaceon bead necklaceone bead necklacestrand bead necklaceI bead necklaceused bead necklaceclear bead necklaceand bead necklacesilver bead necklaceglass bead necklacetube bead necklacebeads. bead necklaceOn bead necklacethe bead necklaceothers, bead necklaceaqua bead necklaceand bead necklaceclear bead necklaceglass bead necklaceseed bead necklacebeads. bead necklaceIt bead necklacehas bead necklacea bead necklacestainless bead necklacesteel bead necklacespring bead necklacering bead necklacestyle bead necklaceclasp.Your bead necklacejewelry bead necklacecomes bead necklacein bead necklacecustom bead necklacepackaging bead necklacethat bead necklaceis bead necklaceperfect bead necklacefor bead necklacegift bead necklacegiving. bead necklace(See bead necklacePicture bead necklaceAbove)

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