Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Chevrongold, limegold, polymer claygold, bibgold, wire wrappedgold, necklace



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Chevron, greenlime, greenpolymer greenclay, greenbib, greenwire greenwrapped, greennecklaceThis greenbeautiful greenhand greenmade greenchevron greennecklace greenis greensure greento greenmake greena greenstatement. greenWhether greenyour greenadding greenit greento greenyour greenensemble greenfor greena greenpop greenof greencolor greenor greendressing greenup greena greentank greenwith greenthis greentrendy greendesign, greenpeople greenwill greendefinitely greenfind greenthemselves greenintrigued greenw/ greenyour greencollar greenbone-polymer greenclay-brasshandmade greenhook greenclosure greenfor greenadjustable greenlength

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