Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Adrienne Charm: Smooth black onyx coin bead on 14k gold-filled ringdangle, can be used as a charmdangle, pendant or dangle



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GUARANTEED onyxHANDMADE: onyxAll onyxmy onyxjewelry onyxis onyxdesigned onyxand onyxcreated onyxby onyxmy onyxhands.Adrienne onyxCharm:Smooth onyxand onyxshiny onyxblack onyxonyx onyxcoin onyxcharm onyxon onyx14k onyxgold-filled onyxring onyxmakes onyxa onyxwonderful onyxaddition onyxto onyxany onyxcharm onyxbracelet onyxor onyxnecklace. onyxBlack onyxonyx onyxlooks onyxgreat onyxwith onyxfreshwater onyxpearls, onyxgold onyxor onyxsilver, onyxrose onyxquartz onyxand onyxgarnet...just onyxto onyxname onyxa onyxfew!Onyx onyxassists onyxwith onyxchallenges onyxin onyxlife, onyxespecially onyxthose onyxcaused onyxby onyxa onyxdrain onyxof onyxenergy. onyxIt onyxprevents onyxthe onyxdraining onyxaway onyxof onyxpersonal onyxenergy onyxand onyxcan onyxbe onyxused onyxfor onyxprotection onyxfrom onyxsuch. onyxIt onyxalso onyxhelps onyxwith onyxgrounding onyxand onyxcontrolling onyxor onyxeliminating onyxexcess onyxor onyxunwanted onyxenergies. onyxIt onyxhas onyxbeen onyxused onyxfor onyxwound onyxhealing, onyxchildbirth onyxand onyxto onyxincrease onyxstamina onyxand onyxself-control.The onyxname onyxAdrienne onyxis onyxof onyxFrench onyxorigin onyxand onyxmeans onyxdark onyxor onyxrich. onyxPlease onyxconvo onyxme onyxwith onyxany onyxquestions.

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