Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

coral charm, Ashley Charm: Lovely coral Lucite flower charm with golden Swarovski crystal center on antique brass ring - Add a Charm



In stock



GUARANTEED flower jewelryHANDMADE: flower jewelryAll flower jewelrymy flower jewelryjewelry flower jewelryis flower jewelrydesigned flower jewelryand flower jewelrycreated flower jewelryby flower jewelrymy flower jewelryhands.Pink flower jewelrycoral flower jewelryLucite flower jewelryflower flower jewelrywith flower jewelrySwarovski flower jewelrycrystal flower jewelryaccent flower jewelryand flower jewelryantique flower jewelrybrass flower jewelrybead flower jewelrycap flower jewelrycharm flower jewelrydangles flower jewelryfrom flower jewelryclosed flower jewelryring. flower jewelryBeautiful flower jewelryfor flower jewelryspring!The flower jewelryname flower jewelryAshley flower jewelryis flower jewelryof flower jewelryEnglish flower jewelryorigin flower jewelryand flower jewelrymeans flower jewelry"lives flower jewelryin flower jewelryan flower jewelryash flower jewelrytree flower jewelrygrove".Please flower jewelryconvo flower jewelryme flower jewelrywith flower jewelryany flower jewelryquestions!

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