Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brass, Long freshwater pearl and antique brass charm on 14k gold-filled ring



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GUARANTEED modernHANDMADE: modernAll modernmy modernjewelry modernis moderndesigned modernand moderncreated modernby modernmy modernhands.Large modernwhite modernfreshwater modernpearl modernrondelle modernwire-wrapped modernin modern14k moderngold-filled modernwire modernwith modernlong, modernsquare modernantique modernbrass moderndangle. modernThis modernpiece modernlooks modernfabulous modernas moderna modernpendant modernor modernpaired modernwith modernother moderncharms. modernPearls modernattune modernthe modernwearer modernto modernebb modernand modernflow modernof modernlife. modernThey modernare moderncalming modernand moderncentering. modernThey moderngive modernpurity modernand modernpromote modernfaith, moderncharity, modernand modernintegrity, moderntruth modernand modernloyalty. modernThey modernespecially modernenhance modernpersonal modernintegrity. modernThey modernhelp modernone modernconnect modernwith modernher modernfeminine modernenergy modernand modernbring modernlove modernenergy.Please modernconvo modernme modernwith modernany modernquestions!

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