Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

boho necklace, Vintage 70's 80's ZEBRA Boomerang HIPSTER Pendant Necklace w Hand Painting



In stock



This costume jewelryfun costume jewelryto costume jewelrywear costume jewelrynecklace costume jewelryis costume jewelrymade costume jewelryof costume jewelryenameled costume jewelrymetal costume jewelrywith costume jewelryblack costume jewelryand costume jewelrywhite costume jewelrybeads. costume jewelryThis costume jewelrywas costume jewelryoriginally costume jewelrypurchased costume jewelryin costume jewelrythe costume jewelryearly costume jewelry1980's. costume jewelryThe costume jewelrypendant costume jewelrymeasures costume jewelry2 costume jewelry3/4" costume jewelryat costume jewelryits costume jewelrywidest costume jewelryand costume jewelrythe costume jewelrylength costume jewelryis costume jewelryaround costume jewelry4.5". costume jewelryThe costume jewelrybeads costume jewelryare costume jewelryblack costume jewelryplastic.The costume jewelrylength costume jewelryis costume jewelry22". costume jewelrySecure costume jewelrysafety costume jewelrycatch. costume jewelryNo costume jewelrychips costume jewelryor costume jewelrywear. costume jewelryGreat costume jewelry80's costume jewelrymodern costume jewelrydesign!Like costume jewelrythis costume jewelryitem costume jewelryand costume jewelrylooking costume jewelryfor costume jewelrymore costume jewelrylike costume jewelryit? costume jewelryAre costume jewelryyou costume jewelrya costume jewelrydealer costume jewelryand costume jewelrywant costume jewelryto costume jewelrybuy costume jewelryin costume jewelryquantity? costume jewelryCheck costume jewelryout costume jewelryour costume jewelrynew costume jewelrystore costume jewelryon costume jewelryetsy costume jewelryfor costume jewelrywholesale costume jewelryvintage costume jewelrypurchasing:http://www./shop/truevintagewholesale

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