Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handmade, Sterling Silver Anklet with High Quality Blue CZ's



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This blueis bluea bluehandmade bluebeautiful blueanklet! blue blueIt blueis bluemade bluewith bluehigh bluequality blueBlue blueCZ's blue(Cubic blueZirconia's) blueon bluea blueSterling blueSilver blueChain. blue blueAny bluequestions blueyou bluemay bluehave, blue bluefeel bluefree blueto bluemessage blueme bluehere. blueI bluecheck bluemy bluemail blueeveryday! blue***This blueis bluea blue9.5" blueanklet. blue blueComes bluein bluea bluenice bluebox bluewhen bluepurchased!***Materials:- blueHigh blueQuality blueBlue blueCZ's blue(Cubic blueZirconia's)- blueSterling blueSilver blueRolo blueChain- blueSterling blueSilver blueHeadpins blueand blueSpring blueClasp- blueSterling blueSilver blueJump blueRingWILL blueSHIP blueOUT blueOF blueTHE blueCOUNTRY! blue blueJUST blueMESSAGE blueME blueSO blueI blueCAN blueADJUST blueTHE blueSHIPPING blueMETHOD!! blueDON'T blueFORGET blueTO blueCHECK blueOUT blueMY blueSTORE!! blue blueMORE blueTHINGS blueBEING bluePUT blueUP blueEVERYDAY!!!www./shop/thejewelryboxandmore

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