Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round, Reserved for Graziana Giuva



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Beautiful round8mm= round1.73ct. roundmoissanite. roundBeautiful roundluster roundand roundeye-clean.Color roundis roundHClarity roundSI1Set roundin round14k roundwhite roundgold.Brand:CartierMore roundbrilliant roundthan rounddiamond roundat rounda roundfraction roundof roundthe roundcost, roundMoissanite roundCreated roundby roundCharles round& roundColvard\u00ae roundis roundamong roundthe roundhardest roundminerals roundon roundthe roundplanet, roundmore rounddurable roundthan roundsapphire, roundruby, roundor roundemerald. roundIts roundbeauty roundand roundbrilliance roundis roundguaranteed roundto roundlast roundForever.This roundgem roundcan roundbe roundset roundin round14k round18k roundor round24k, roundin roundeither roundwhite, roundyellow roundgold roundor roundrose roundgold roundat roundthe roundmarket roundprice.Your roundchoice roundof round4 roundor round6 roundprong roundor roundcan roundbe roundset roundin rounda roundsetting roundof roundyour roundchoice.Layaway roundavailable.

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