Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Tanzanite Ring with Tanzanite Accents



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These 14k yellowTanzanite 14k yelloware 14k yellowset 14k yellowin 14k yellowsterling 14k yellowsilver.2 14k yellowct 14k yellowtotal 14k yellowweightAt 14k yellowthe 14k yellowmarket 14k yellowprice 14k yellowthese 14k yellowbeautiful 14k yellowtanzanites 14k yellowcan 14k yellowset 14k yellowin 14k yellow14k 14k yellowcarat 14k yellowyellow, 14k yellowwhite 14k yellowor 14k yellowrose 14k yellowgold.Ring 14k yellowsizse 14k yellow7, 14k yellowCan 14k yellowbe 14k yellowresized.The 14k yellowtrillion 14k yellowaccents 14k yelloware 14k yellow5x5mmThe 14k yellowcenter 14k yellowradiant 14k yellowis 14k yellow7x5mmLayaway 14k yellowavailable.

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