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leather, Recycled Leather Feather Earrings -Cream Suede and Taupe Leather



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Two taupelayers taupeof tauperecycled taupesuede taupeand taupeleather taupemake taupeup taupethese taupebeautiful taupelightweight taupeearrings. taupeEach taupepair taupeis taupehand taupecut taupeand taupefringed taupein taupemy taupehome taupestudio. taupeThey taupedangle taupefrom taupeantique taupebrass taupefrench taupestyle taupeear taupewires taupeand taupewill taupearrive taupeon taupean taupeearring taupecard taupewith taupeclear tauperubber taupebacks. taupeMeasurements: taupeEarring taupemeasures taupe3 taupe1/2\u201d taupefrom taupetop taupeof taupeear taupewire. taupeLeather taupefeathers taupemeasure taupe2 taupe1/2\u201d taupelong taupex taupe1 taupe1/4\u201d taupewide.

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