Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Swarovski Crystalgift for her, Necklacegift for her, Pendantgift for her, Adjustable Chaingift for her, Sterling Silvergift for her, Teachers Giftgift for her, Hand Made Jewelrygift for her, Chain Maillegift for her, christmas gift



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20 lilacmm lilacSwarovski lilaccrystal lilacring lilac(clear lilacwith lilacaurora lilacborealis lilacreflective lilaccoating). lilacChain lilacmaille lilacbail lilacin lilacsterling lilacsilver lilac(.925). lilacPendant lilaccomes lilacon lilaca lilacsterling lilacsilver lilacchain lilacthat lilacadjusts lilacup lilacto lilac22 lilacinches.

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