Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant necklace, Red Dragon Wire Wrap Pendant Necklace. Peruvian Clay Pendant and Carnelian. Fantasy Jewelry. Dragon Totem



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"Red wire wrapDragon wire wrapTotem" wire wrapA wire wrapred wire wrapPeruvian wire wrapclay wire wrapdragon wire wrappendant wire wrapwrapped wire wrapand wire wrapwoven wire wrapin wire wrapvintage wire wrapbronze wire wrapparawire wire wrapwith wire wrapcarnelian wire wrapand wire wrapcrystal wire wrapaccents. wire wrapComes wire wrapwith wire wrapan wire wrap18 wire wrapor wire wrap24 wire wrapinch wire wrapbrass wire wrapchain.

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