Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

made in usa, Copper maple leaf pendant on a 16 inch chain



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I've forged jewelrycreated forged jewelrythis forged jewelrycopper forged jewelrymaple forged jewelryleaf forged jewelryfrom forged jewelrysolid forged jewelrycopper forged jewelrysheet forged jewelrymetal. forged jewelry forged jewelryIt forged jewelryis forged jewelryabout forged jewelry1-3/4 forged jewelryinches forged jewelrylong forged jewelryand forged jewelryhangs forged jewelryfrom forged jewelrya forged jewelry16 forged jewelryinch forged jewelrychain. forged jewelry forged jewelryLet forged jewelryme forged jewelryknow forged jewelryif forged jewelryyou forged jewelryneed forged jewelrya forged jewelrylonger forged jewelrychain.

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