Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

moon and star, Moon and Star Brooch - Cobalt Blue Stained - Swarovski Crystal - Pin or Pendant - Celestial Jewelry



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Smooth stained glasscobalt stained glassblue stained glasscolor stained glassstained stained glassglass stained glasswith stained glassgold stained glassplated stained glassmoon stained glassand stained glassstar. stained glass stained glassAccented stained glasswith stained glassSwarovski stained glasscrystals. stained glass stained glassThe stained glasspinback stained glasshas stained glassa stained glassbail stained glassand stained glasscan stained glassalso stained glassbe stained glassworn stained glassas stained glassa stained glasspendant. stained glassMeasures stained glass1 stained glass5/8 stained glassinches stained glasslong.

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