Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

costume jewelry, Vintage Amber and Green Rhinestone Pin and Earrings Set



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This pierced earringsgorgeous pierced earringsset pierced earringsfeatures pierced earringsglass pierced earringsand pierced earringsacrylic pierced earringsstones pierced earringsin pierced earringsa pierced earringsheart pierced earringsshaped pierced earringspin pierced earringswith pierced earringsmatching pierced earringspierced pierced earringsearrings.This pierced earringsset pierced earringsis pierced earringsa pierced earringsreal pierced earringsdazzling pierced earringsbeauty! pierced earringsIt pierced earringsboasts pierced earringsgorgeous pierced earringslight pierced earringsgreen, pierced earringsamber pierced earringsand pierced earringstopaz pierced earringscolored pierced earringsstones pierced earringsthat pierced earringsare pierced earringsin pierced earringsgoldtone. pierced earringsMeasures: pierced earrings1 pierced earrings3/4" pierced earringsdiameter pierced earringspin, pierced earrings1" pierced earringsx pierced earrings2 pierced earrings3/4" pierced earringsearrings.The pierced earringscondition pierced earringsis pierced earringsperfect.

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