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coastal, Seahorse Teardrop Faux Leather Earrings



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Fishhook faux leatherLayered faux leatherfaux faux leatherleather faux leathertear-drop faux leatherearrings, faux leathercut faux leatherfrom faux leatherfaux faux leatherbrown faux leathersuede faux leatherand faux leathertextured faux leatherteal, faux leatherboasting faux leathergolden faux leatherseahorses. faux leatherLightweight faux leatherearrings faux leatherare faux leathermounted faux leatherin faux leatherantique faux leatherbrass faux leatherfindings, faux leathermeasuring faux leather2.75” faux leathertotal faux leatherlength faux leatherx faux leather1” faux leatherwide.

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