Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Coro flower brooch pinlight blue, brushed silverlight blue, light blue & green rhinestones



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Vintage green rhinestonesrhinestone green rhinestonesflower green rhinestonesbrooch, green rhinestonessigned green rhinestonesCoro green rhinestoneson green rhinestonesthe green rhinestonesback. green rhinestonesthe green rhinestonesbrooch green rhinestonesfeatures green rhinestonesbrushed green rhinestonessilver green rhinestonestone green rhinestonesmetal green rhinestoneswith green rhinestonesa green rhinestonesflowy green rhinestonesmod green rhinestonesdesign. green rhinestonesThe green rhinestoneslight green rhinestonesblue green rhinestonesand green rhinestonesgreen green rhinestonesrhinestones green rhinestonesare green rhinestonesslightly green rhinestonesraised green rhinestonesfor green rhinestonesa green rhinestones3d green rhinestoneseffect. green rhinestonesExcellent green rhinestonescondition, green rhinestonesno green rhinestonesmissing green rhinestonesstones. green rhinestonesMeasures green rhinestonesalmost green rhinestones2.5" green rhinestonestall.Ships green rhinestonesin green rhinestonesa green rhinestonesgift green rhinestonesbox.Vintage green rhinestonesjewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?section_id=14198588I green rhinestonescombine green rhinestonesshipping green rhinestoneson green rhinestonesmultiple green rhinestonesitems.

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