Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metal findings, Vintage Inspired Book Locket Necklace



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This beadsdarling beadsvintage beadsbook beadslocket beadsnecklace beadsis beadssure beadsto beadsdelight beadsanyone beadswho beadsloves beadsto beadsdive beadsin beadsto beadsa beadsgood beadsbook!Copper beadscolored beadslocket beadsis beadsfilled beadswith beadstwo beadsbook beadspage beadscut beadsouts beadsfrom beadsa beadsbook beadscopyrighted beadsin beads1860. beads beadsLocket beadsmeasures beads3/4" beadstall beadsand beadsis beadsadorned beadswith beadsa beadsvintage beadsblue beadsand beadswhite beadscabochon. beads beadsLocket beadshangs beadsfrom beadsa beadscontemporary beadscopper beadscolored beadsbow beadswhich beadsis beadsattached beadsto beadsan beadsantique beadsbronze beads26" beadschain beadswhich beadsalso beadsfeatures beadslight beadsblue beadscontemporary beadsbeads.**Note: beadsPlease beadsbe beadsaware beadsthat beadsthere beadsmay beadsbe beadsa beadsslight beadsvariation beadsin beadsshade beads& beadscolor beadsdue beadsto beadsthe beadsmonitor beadsyou beadsare beadsviewing beadsthe beadspicture beadson. beadsAlso, beadsall beadslockets beadshave beadsdifferent beadsbook beadspages beadsinside beadsand beadsare beadsnot beadsadhered beadsto beadsthe beadsinside beadsof beadsthe beadslocket beadsin beadsthe beadsevent beadsyou beadswant beadsto beadsplace beadsyour beadsown beadslovely beadspictures/paper beadsinside. beadsxo

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