Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage West Germany cameo necklaceglass cameo, glassglass cameo, fake pearls and gold tone filigree



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Vintage cameo necklaceglass cameo necklacecameo cameo necklacenecklace, cameo necklacestamped cameo necklaceGermany cameo necklaceon cameo necklacethe cameo necklaceback. cameo necklaceExcellent cameo necklacecondition, cameo necklaceno cameo necklaceflaws cameo necklaceto cameo necklacenote. cameo necklaceThe cameo necklacecameo cameo necklaceand cameo necklaceits cameo necklacesetting cameo necklacemeasures cameo necklace2.25" cameo necklacelong, cameo necklacethe cameo necklacechain cameo necklaceis cameo necklace26".Ships cameo necklacein cameo necklacea cameo necklacegift cameo necklacebox.I cameo necklacecombine cameo necklaceshipping cameo necklaceon cameo necklacemultiple cameo

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