Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Hobe flower brooch pinpainted leaves, signed red faceted glasspainted leaves, prong setpainted leaves, painted leaves



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Beautifully hobe broochdetailed hobe broochvintage hobe broochHobe hobe broochbrooch hobe broochwith hobe broochred hobe broochglass hobe broochtones hobe broochand hobe broochpainted hobe broochdetails. hobe broochExcellent hobe broochcondition, hobe broochno hobe broochflaws. hobe broochGlass hobe broochsits hobe broochfirmly hobe broochin hobe broochprongs, hobe broochthe hobe broochgold hobe broochis hobe broochshiny. hobe broochJust hobe broochunder hobe brooch2.75" hobe broochlong hobe broochand hobe broochup hobe broochto hobe brooch1.5" hobe broochwide.Ships hobe broochin hobe broocha hobe broochgift hobe

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