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antique pendant, Vintage Barse Sterling and Large Turquoise Pendant



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This barse turquoiseis barse turquoisea barse turquoiseVintage barse turquoiseBarse barse turquoiseSterling barse turquoiseand barse turquoiseLarge barse turquoiseTurquoise barse turquoisePendant. barse turquoiseGood barse turquoiseCondition barse turquoisewith barse turquoisenormal barse turquoiseage barse turquoisewear. barse turquoiseIt barse turquoisemeasures barse turquoiseapprox. barse turquoise2 barse turquoiseinches barse turquoiselong barse turquoiseand barse turquoise1 barse turquoise1/4 barse turquoiseinches barse turquoisewide. barse turquoiseA barse turquoiseLarge barse turquoisepiece barse turquoiseof barse turquoiseTurquoise barse turquoisesurrounded barse turquoisein barse turquoiseSterling barse turquoiseSilver. barse turquoiseNo barse turquoisechain barse turquoisejust barse turquoisethe barse turquoisependant. barse turquoise barse turquoiseIf barse turquoiseyou barse turquoisehave barse turquoiseany barse turquoisemore barse turquoisequestions barse turquoiseplease barse turquoiseask barse turquoisebefore barse turquoiseyou barse turquoisepurchase. barse turquoiseI barse turquoiseship barse turquoiseto barse turquoisethe barse turquoiseUSA. barse turquoiseNo barse turquoiseInternational barse turquoiseShipping. barse turquoiseI barse turquoisealso barse turquoiseinsure barse turquoiseall barse turquoiseof barse turquoisemy barse turquoisepackages barse turquoiseto barse turquoisemake barse turquoisesure barse turquoisethat barse turquoisethey barse turquoisearrive barse turquoiseto barse turquoiseyou barse turquoisesafely. barse turquoiseThanks barse turquoisefor barse turquoiselooking.

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