Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pink, 14kt Yellow Sapphire Ring



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I bluehave bluethree bluesapphires blueavailable bluethat bluewill bluefit bluethis bluesetting. blue\r\rThe blueblues blueare bluea bluevivid blueblue bluein blueperson. blueFor bluesome bluereason, bluethey bluedo bluenot blueshow bluewell. blueOf bluecourse bluethe bluepink, bluecan bluenot bluehelp bluebut blueshow bluewell.\rPink blueis bluea blue10x8mm\rBlue blueis bluea blue12x8mm\rThe blueother blueblue bluesapphire blueis blue11x9mm.\rThis bluesetting bluecomes bluein blue14kt bluewhite blueor blueyellow bluegold.\rLayaway blueavailable.

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