Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

14k yellow gold, Ashley Engagement Ring (14kt w.g. White Sapphire)



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Layaway ringavailable.(Matching ringWedding ringband ringis ringavailable ringin ringthe ring"Made ringto ringOrder" ringsection ringof ringmy ringshop)A ringdiamond ringof ringthis ringsize ringand ringsetting ringlike ringthis ringwould ringbe ring ringthousands ringof ringdollars.What ringwe ringgot ringhere....This ringis ringan ring8mm(2.35ct) ringWhite ringSapphire ringfrom ringSriLanka. ring.This ringis ringa ringVVS/IF ringclarity ringand ringD ringcolor.It ringis ringjust ringunder ringa ringdiamond ringfor ringhardness. ringDiamonds ringare ring10, ringand ringsapphires ringare ring9.Set ringin ringan ringantique ringstyle ring14kt ringWhite ringGold, ringwith ring5 ringwhite ringsapphire ringaccents ringstones ringon ringeither ringside ringof ringthe ringmain ringsapphire. ringWeight ringis ring3.80 ringgrams. ringThis ringmy ringvary ringwith ringthe ringsize ringof ringring.Can ringbe ringset ringin ring14kt ringyellow ringgold ringor ringrose ringgold ringas ringwell.This ringring ringcan ringalso ringhave ringa ringdifferent ringsize ringcenter ringSapphire.Allow ringone ringweek ringto ringship. ringShipped ringwith ringinsurance.Band ringSold ringSeparatly.Please ringadd ringring ringsize ringin ringnotes ringor ringtext ringin ringan ringetsy ringconversation.

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